Performance and
Screening event

Thursday 2 October 6-8pm
Free. No need to book.
(The programme will start promptly at 6pm)

For this late Thursdays event at The Tetley, Concerning The Bodyguard artists will share and test new and in-progress performance and video works with a live audience. At this experimental stage, the work might seem perplexing, raw or cause embarrassment. The artists, however, have been invited to show work in this way in order to think through the “security” of a finished work in relation to the themes of the current exhibition. Performances will be interspersed with selected screenings of short films and clips of new footage chosen by the artists.

Participating artists include: Warren McLachlan, Laura Morrison, Daniel Lichtman, Nathan Witt, Benjamin Orlow and Jessica Tsang


0113 320 2323

The Tetley
Hunslet Road
LS10 1JQ



Running order:


The Wood and Wave Each Other Know – Jason de Haan and Miruna Dragan – selected by Warren McLachlan.

Daniel Bosch is a wildfire lookout in Northern Alberta, Canada. Every day, from April to October, he looks out upon the treetops from the eight by eight foot cabin of the tallest tower in the province. Dan is also a self-taught musician. While living in the woods, he crafted a cello from a solid block of spruce and then taught himself to play it. Because the cello was too big to fit in the cage of the tower’s one hundred and twenty vertical steps, Dan made a body-less version, allowing him to practice during his many hours inside the tower’s cabin. By wedging the practice cello between the edge of a small worktable and the cabin’s fiberglass octagonal cupola, Dan discovered that he could more than compensate for the instrument’s lack of a body. The cabin itself becomes the resonant chamber and the tower becomes the instrument within which the cellist plays. Now, the lookout tower broadcasts Dan’s music into the immensity of the landscape and the trees become his audience. The Wood and Wave Each Other Know is a video work documenting this activity; the camera constantly pans 360 degrees out of the cupola’s windows, while Dan plays a number of improvised compositions. *
HD video – 38’. 2011



A Beautiful Girl Lets Down Her hair on a Bus – Laura Morrison

Morrison will elaborate on her new work “A Beautiful Girl Lets Down Her Hair on a Bus”, which is part of the current exhibition. The piece includes a found text, a watercolour and a large-scale plasticine relief.



Story of Milk and Honey - Basma AlSharifselected by Nathan Witt

The Story of Milk & Honey is a short experimental video belonging to a larger project, which includes photographs, drawings and text, detailing an un-named individual’s failure to write a love story. Through voiceover narration that weaves together images, letters, and songs, a story of defeat transpires into a journey that explores how we collect and perceive information, understand facts, history, images, and sound and where the individual is to be found in the midst of the material. **

single-channel SD video, 10’. 2011
Produced with the Fundación Marcelino Botín Grant for Visual Arts Fund.



Daniel Lichtman will tell a story for approx 15 mins.

Lichtman will practice telling the audience about an unexpected encounter with law enforcement that he experienced in Brooklyn, New York between 1st and 3rd June, 2012. During this event he will describe what happened during the first 12 hours of the incident.



Die Gross Love – Benjamin Orlow 13 mins

The video Die Gross Love tells us, in the first part, a story of World War II through found footage and propaganda slogans, while the narrator tries to articulate rapidly and hastily his purely personal experience with the cruelty and absurdity of violence. The second part surprisingly deals with carefree youngsters’ memories, when on the background of an antiquated promotional film about the cruise ships it tells a personal story about the other side of social oppression. ***

SD video. 13.10’ 2012



Jessica Tsang will share new footage from her current project.

Tsang is currently filming in the private home of an English man living in Cyprus with his Filipino maid of ten years. They have agreed for Tsang to interview and document aspects of their life together in order to make a new video work that considers this long-standing employer/employee relationship. She will show raw footage with notes to accompany.





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